Our Farm

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Established in June 2021, our farm encompasses 78 acres of woodlands and pasture on the borders of McMinn and Meigs counties.


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Thach Family Farms is a small, first generation, regenerative farm located in Ten Mile, Tennessee. We specialize in raising and selling registered Dexter beef cattle and pastured poultry. We chose to raise Dexter cattle over other cattle breeds due to their size, their fantastic temperaments, their delicious well-marbled meat, and their wonderful high butterfat A2A2 milk! You can read more about Dexter cattle here https://dextercattle.org and their excellent quality meat here https://butchermagazine.com/dexter-beef.

Our Practices

All of our animals are raised on pasture where they can express their full personalities and live as God intended them to. Our chickens scratch for bugs and worms, and our Dexter cattle enjoy rotational grazing to keep them healthy and vibrant. We believe this method of farming creates a better life for the animals, heals the Earth by building better soils, and in turn results in better tasting, more nutritious, and healthy food for your family. Our farm is free from hormones, chemicals and prophylactic antibiotics.